Definition of ‘hireth’ in English:
longing / loneliness / nostalgia / yearning
Plural: hirethow
Origins: Cornwall
M: ‘hirɛθ
L: ‘hirɐθ
‘She has been feeling hireth for Cornwall’

“Every traveller has a home of their own and they learn to appreciate it the more from their wandering” –– Charles Dickens

There is a word in the Celtic languages – ‘hireth in Cornish; ‘hiraeth’ in Welsh – which encapsulates a sadness and nostalgia related to the place one calls home; an inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what.

An aesthetically-driven travel and creative writing blog, Hireth aims to get back to, and find the true essence of, the ancient land of the British Isles. It will capture the viscerality of the seasons; the textures of ancient landscapes; the brightness of ancient hills when they are doused in late-afternoon Autumn sun.

Let’s never again take this soil for granted; let’s explore in beauty together.

–– Rosie Pentreath, 2017.